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Form Builder & Forms integration

Powerful "drag & drop" Form Builder in Odoo.

Build easy-to-use, professional and versatile Forms in Odoo, to integrate and collect any information you need for your business.

Also discover our additional Forms modules, which integrate with other Odoo Apps and the Website Builder.

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Database Anonymization

A database which contains sensitive data, like personal- and userdata, should be anonymized when:

- Sending and/or sharing a database with external parties (eg development agencies, freelancers).
- On a test environment accessible to external (or untrusted) parties, or when it doesn't have the high security level like a production environment.

Database anonymization is the required action to prepare such database.
So you don't risk to infringe GDPR (dutch: AVG), privacy and other concerns about sensitive data.

To anonymize a PostgreSQL database, some excellent tools and libraries are available. Convenience, configuration, advanced features and speed are key here!
With this Odoo App you're able to prepare (configure) the database and execute the anonymization.

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Odoo integration of the Python #1 asynchronous Task Queue system.

Scale, tune, maximize and monitor throughput of critical technical services, by using this prooven Task/Job queue module.

Especially useful when communicating with all kinds of web / micro / 3rd party services.

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